Makeshift memorials serve as emotional reminders of brutal crimes

Makeshift memorials serve as emotional reminders of brutal crimes

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Makeshift memorials can be found all over Cleveland's Fourth District, an indicator of just how many murders there are in that police district.

On East 145 Street, a memorial honors a man family and friends called Murdy. Right down the street, another memorial stands where an innocent baby, 5-month old Aavielle Wakefield, was hit by a stray bullet meant for someone else.

There are dozens of these symbols of death on the streets of Cleveland.

Cleveland 19's Harry Boomer was there in the aftermath of several of the most recent crimes in Cleveland, including the shooting death of Donte Padgett at MLK and Shaker Boulevard. Padgett was killed in front of his 10-year-old son.

Boomer was also there when a cross was erected for Brian Holmes on Woodland Avenue.

Who can forget the sad and senseless murder of three-year-old Major Howard, killed while sitting in a car on East 113th Street by a bullet.

Flowers and teddy bears used to be given to children to make them happy. All too often they now mark the spot where the innocent have died.

Many of these crimes remain unsolved.

If you have any information that could help police track down the killers, call Crime Stoppers at (216) 252-7463.

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