Z Files: Week 7 Report Card

Z Files: Week 7 Report Card

Let's be honest. Did anything about Sunday's loss surprise you? The fact that Todd Gurley, the rookie running back, averaged almost seven yards per carry against the worst run defense in the NFL, racked up 128 yards by game's end, and of course scored his first two NFL touchdowns?

How about the fact that when a big play was needed, they made it and we didn't, including Nick Foles' 46-yard toss to Kenny Britt late in the third quarter?

The defense kept the Browns in it for almost three quarters, and then broke. So the "D" is taking home another "D".

How about the composure, or lack thereof?

Eleven more penalties, for 98 more yards, and many of those were drive-killers, like the holding call on Joe Thomas that wiped out a phenomenal catch by Travis Benjamin, when the game was still in doubt.

Thomas wasn't alone. The offensive line went down in flames together, with multiple penalties, four sacks, and an "F".

Turnovers?  C'mon, that's been the identity lately. Four more on Sunday, the first two putting the Browns in a 10-0 hole before fans even had a chance to sit down.

Somehow, the Browns still had a chance to win, until of course, Benjamin coughed it up again midway through the fourth quarter. Rack up another "F".

Josh McCown? Well, I am surprised by how incredibly tough and resilient this guy is. He almost took himself out in the second quarter by running into a wall and was finally knocked out in the fourth quarter by Mark Barron, but in between, showed how dogged he really is.

Still, under siege, McCown also fumbled twice. The best I can do is a "C".

But I'm certainly not surprised by Gary Barnidge. Not after watching remarkable catches, week after week.101 more yards for the Browns tight end, and an "A".

As for the coaches, please…pick a back, any back, and stick with him. Nobody heats up when they're splitting reps. And fix the defense. You're a defensive specialist, Mike! The Browns coaches are uninspiring, and soon-to-be unemployed.

In the meantime, they're unable to avoid the "F".

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