Mod Meals: Healthy eating delivered to your doorstep

Mod Meals: Healthy eating delivered to your doorstep

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Quick dinner options for busy families usually means a drive-thru or a frozen meal. But now a handful of top Cleveland chefs have teamed up to give families a fast, healthy alternative for dinner. It's called Mod Meals and it kicks off November 9th.
Anthony Colantuono loves to cook for his family, but with a full time job and the busy schedules of his three daughters, a homemade meal isn't always an option.

"With the time thing, trying to get dinner in, they have sports, we're always running around," said Anthony Colantuono.

But now a handful of top Cleveland chefs, like Ben Bebenroth, owner of Spice Kitchen, are teaming up to deliver healthy dinner options right to your doorstep. The goal is to make it easier to have fast but fresh food.

"These are all prepared fresh daily so this isn't something like lean cuisine where you throw it in a freezer and reheat it in a month," says Bebenroth.

"All you have to do is take out your smart phone, look at the menu for that day, touch it, say what time you want it delivered and it's there," explains Mod Meals CEO Bruce Teicher.

Families, like the Colantuono's, are the focus of the menu. Chefs use their own childhood favorites as inspiration for kid-friendly options and then they sneak in the healthy stuff.

"Putting squash into mac and cheese, we elevate it. We bring natural ingredients from farms like this, that same day, whip them together into something really healthy and really tasty," says Teicher.

An impromptu taste test gets a thumbs up from the Colantuono girls.

The costs range from $10-$14 per adult meal and about $6-$8 dollars for a kids meal.

The kick-off is November 9.

Mod Meals will roll out slowly, to just a few zip codes at first, mainly focusing downtown and a few east side suburbs but eventually it will be offered to the entire Cleveland area.
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