Health Alert: How your wisdom teeth can help you

Health Alert: How your wisdom teeth can help you
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(WOIO) - You probably didn't know your teeth hold very important stem cells. In fact, they could have lifesaving potential. Now it's something people can cash in as a kind of insurance policy for future health.

Wisdom teeth extraction and storage is becoming big business because of the precious stem cells they are said to contain.

"Ultimately, everyone will benefit from having their health locked away in a little storage facility somewhere where it's safe, where we can gather and store our health for the future," explains Adam Houton, co-founder of Vault.

Perfectly healthy University of Georgia undergrad Reed Dobs is going for it. As his wisdom teeth are removed, they are cleaned and prepared for a potentially decades-long hibernation with the Vault company.

"I think this would be good for the future, looking back on it," he says.

As science is finding out, stem cells found in teeth can be used to regrow skin, muscle, bone, and fat, plus be used in treating health problems, like vision loss, burns and heart attacks.

Dobs hopes he'll never have to turn to the teeth for help, but admits he like the idea of knowing they're there in safe keeping.

"It's just giving you a sense of security," Dobs adds.

There are number of companies offering the service, different from the companies that store blood stem cells.

Here are a few:

-Tooth Bank

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