Avon sisters recovering after deadly OK parade crash

Avon sisters recovering after deadly OK parade crash

STILLWATER, OK (WOIO) - It was utter devastation at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade, after a suspected drunk driver crashed into the crowd. Two local women were victims in that crash and are still recovering.

Sisters Kelly and Kimberly Harrison moved to Stillwater, OK, in the years after graduating from Avon High School.

Kelly went to graduate school at OSU, where she met friend Amanda Behar.

"They went for a good time to participate in the event and then it happened," said Behar.

When 25-year-old driver Adacia Chambers barreled through the parade, Kimberly pulled Kelly out of the way.

"Her sister noticed that the vehicle had broken through the barricade," said Behar. "Kelly says Kimberly saved her life."

Four people were killed and dozens were injured, including both sisters. Kimberly has extensive damage to her knee and Kelly is still in the hospital with a shattered hip, among other injuries.

Avon schools released this statement: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Harrison family. We wish the girls a quick and complete recovery."

Behar has set up GoFundMe accounts for Kelly and Kimberly to help with their medical bills.

She says the OSU campus is hurt, but doing what it can to help the sisters and other victims start the long road to recovery.

"It's not a happy place. We're concerned for others," said Behar.

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