Z Files: 5 Things to Watch at Cavs Home Opener

Z Files: 5 Things to Watch at Cavs Home Opener

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 1.  Limit LeBron.

Fans are excited, it's the home opener, and after Wednesday night's beatdown of the Grizzlies down in Memphis, The Q will be electric on Friday night.  But that doesn't mean LeBron has to overdo it.  After playing 36 minutes in the opener on Tuesday and laying on the court during breaks to rest his back, James cut his minutes back to 31 on Wednesday.  This is all part of the plan, as the Cavaliers slowly get healthy again while looking ahead to another potential eight-month run. Which brings me to...

2.  Show me the Love.

LeBron said it himself: Kevin Love is the main focus on offense right now and James is intent on helping the power forward return to his All-Star status. Love is well on his way, throwing down 35 through the first two games, along with 21 rebounds. He won't always be the primary option, especially once Kyrie returns and LeBron hits his stride. But a whole lotta' Love is exactly what the Cavs need early on.

3.  Mo' offense...

facilitated by their point guard who's running the show until Irving returns. Mo Williams busted out of the gate in Chicago, throwing down 19 points on 50% shooting and dishing out 7 assists. His numbers tapered off the next night, but so did his minutes. The bottom line, Mo looks far more comfortable in his role with the Cavs the second time around.

4.  Keep it moving.

The Cavs' ball movement has been impressive, with Love throwing TD tosses to LeBron, Mo pushing the pace, and LeBron finding the big men cutting to the hoop. When the Cavaliers are running and in rhythm, they can look unstoppable. And they have the athletic bigs like Mozgov and Varejao to finish.

5.  Coach 'em up.

David Blatt admitted a month ago that he's more confident in his second season, but that doesn't mean he won't face challenges. Finding the right rotations, however, will be made easier by the depth of this team, which is remarkable. Richard Jefferson is already giving the Cavs far more than Shawn Marion did a year ago, and 18-20 minutes of Delly per night is plenty. In the court of public opinion, of course, Blatt can't win. Because if he wins a title with this team, he's supposed to. If he doesn't, well, epic fail. But Blatt's finished the job in other leagues, and he has the acumen, and the team, to do it here.

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