Cleveland restaurateur against no-tipping policy

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More restaurants are adopting a no-tipping policy, but don't look for it soon in Cleveland.

Local Restaurateur, Zack Bruell, says the industry movement to eliminate tipping is something that won't work in Cleveland.  Would you eat at a restaurant where they eliminated tipping, but raised prices by 20-30 percent?

"It's a social experiment and once you cross that line it's no longer an experiment, it's reality.  You're changing the dynamics of how the restaurant business operates," said Bruell.

It's being done starting this weekend at restaurants that are part of the Union Square Hospitality Group in New York City.

The idea is that tips disrupt the working environment and leave workers unsure of their take-home pay from week to week.

And some say that tipping is unfair and some servers have figured out how to play up to customers.

According to New Republic, here are six things that work:

  1. Touching customers. The shoulder pat is pretty effective, but what really works is touching diners' hands.
  2. Crouching at the table. Getting eye level with diners increased tips by as much as 25 percent, researchers found.
  3. Drawing smiley faces on checks. This only works for female servers, though. Diners actually reduced their tips when men drew faces.
  4. Being a blonde. Blondes get more tips than women with any other hair color.
  5. Wearing a flower in the hair. Again, probably something that only works with women servers.
  6. Wearing red. Men especially left larger tips for waitresses in red.

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