Cleveland restaurants buzz on Cavs game days

Cleveland restaurants buzz on Cavs game days

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A downtown eatery loves all the commotion that the Cavs home opener brings, because that means business is buzzing. The restaurant is less than a mile from The Q and the staff says they reap the benefits.

Jesse Miller is the kitchen manager at Hotspot Cafe and says business definitely picks up when the Cavs play at home -- and they're not even open during game time.

"We're not open, but people do come through early in the day and they start to get lunch here and then they go into pre-tailgate around the area. And so we do pick up during game days," he said.

The eatery has only been in business since December 2013, but most will tell you Hotspot is in a prime location.

"I do think it will be good for business because it'll draw people down to The Q, draw people to the area. People obviously have to eat, hang out and get drinks," said Steve Vesey.

"It doesn't matter what kind of business it is. I feel like everything is growing in Cleveland. So small business or big business, everything is just growing," said Sandy Youssef.

Those working -- and eating -- say they hope the Cavs bring home the championship this year so everyone can prosper.

"We got LeBron back. We got Kevin Love back. We're a team ready to go. We're gonna win this," said Miller.

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