Man caught on tape attacking uber driver

Man caught on tape attacking uber driver

(CBS Newspath) - A California man faces assault and public intoxication charges after he was caught on tape striking an Uber driver.

Driver: Dude you have to give me directions. 
Passenger: Why do I have to give you directions. You put my address in the phone.
Driver: No you didn't , you refused to."

The uber passenger becomes belligerent. Then, the video seems to show him falling over in the back seat.

Driver: You're too drunk to give me directions.
Passenger: No, I'm not. 
Driver: No, I'm kicking out.  
Passenger: No I'm not too drunk.
Driver: Nope. That's it.

"The next thing I know I've just got fists flying at my face and I reached for the pepper spray," Edward Caban, uber driver, said.

The man swears and pummels Caban, yanking his hair. Reports are the passenger is 32-year-old Benjamin Golden, a senior marketing manager for Taco Bell.

"The only way that I felt I was going to get him to stop beating me was to incapacitate him, was to use some kind of self-defense. I don't believe he would have stopped," Caban said.

When riders sign up for the service, they agree to a code of conduct. There's also a rating system for riders but that's not enough to make some drivers feel safe. Caban says he's done with uber for now. He's been targeted before.

"No, I don't feel safe driving for uber anymore," said Caban.

Benjamin Golden is now facing charges including assault on a cab driver and public intoxication.

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