Hopkins passenger arrested with loaded gun in carry-on

Hopkins passenger arrested with loaded gun in carry-on

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A woman traveling through Cleveland Hopkins Airport was arrested at a security checkpoint after a TSA supervisor discovered a .380 caliber handgun in her bag.

Cleveland 19's Scott Taylor has learned that the woman war arrested as her bag went through an X-ray machine.

Last year at Hopkins, six guns were found in carry-on bags. Already this year, 12 have been discovered.

And in just one week, a record 68 firearms were discovered in carry-ons at airports across the country.

61 of those weapons were loaded, 25 had a round in the chamber, including the one found at Hopkins.

The woman arrested does have a concealed weapons permit.

"Because I'm used to legally carrying my weapon on a daily basis, I simply forgot it was in my bag," the woman told our Scott Taylor.

TSA officials tell us that it happens a lot. People just forget.

A grand jury will decide whether the woman will face criminal charges.

So far this year TSA has found more than 2,200 guns in carry-ons with a lot of other odd items, including a 12 ounce bottle of lighter fluid at an airport in Alaska and a pack of fireworks in Boise.

TSA has a popular Instagram account that keeps a record of what they find, including a spear gun, a .40 caliber stock rifle that folds and "Batarangs" which you should only find on Batman's utility belt.

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