Expert offers advice on edible marijuana safety

Expert offers advice on edible marijuana safety

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - On the ballot Tuesday, Ohio voters are being asked to legalize marijuana. That includes edible marijuana.

Dr. Christine Alexander with MetroHealth is the director of Maternal and Neonatal Services. She says edible marijuana poses a huge risk to kids, mostly because it can often look like regular candy.

"People are going to assume it's benign because who hasn't had a Snickers bar and gummy bears and done totally fine?" Dr. Alexander said.

She says the edible marijuana, unlike the kind you smoke, goes through your stomach and not your lungs, so the absorption takes longer and lasts longer.

For a small child who sees the wrappers that look just like candy, the effect can be dangerous.

"With the cannabis, they are going to apply the same principal in mind, 'if I can eat ten gummies, why can't I eat ten cannabis?'"

Kids who consume too much could have trouble breathing, hallucinate, and end up in the emergency room.

If Issue 3 passes you have to be 21 to make a purchase. And it would only be available for purchase in licensed Ohio retail marijuana stores.

So it could come down to responsible adults keeping those edibles in a safe place.

"I would treat it exactly the same as alcohol, guns or other things you know are dangerous," Dr. Alexander advised.

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