Guards injured during riot at juvy detention center

Guards injured during riot at juvy detention center

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - A dozen juveniles are facing aggravated rioting charges and one is charged with felonious assault after an incident at the Multi-County Juvenile Attention System in Canton Monday night.

Stark County deputies say two guards were injured when 13 juveniles began rioting around 11:20 p.m.

It happened after someone pulled a fire alarm and the teens were moved to a fenced-in common area outside.

"As they came out these two difficult doors they lined up on their different ends and that's when a youth from the Stark County Attention Center said something
to a youth down here, which started the conflict," said David Riker, Superintendent of the MCJAS.

When Canton Township Fire arrived at the Faircrest Street SW facility, they were unable to get in so sheriff's deputies were called.

Deputies were able to get the fight under control.

Two guards were taken to the hospital. One suffered a bump to the head, the other received stitches. No juveniles were hurt.

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