County by county: All reject plan to legalize marijuana

County by county: All reject plan to legalize marijuana

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ohio voters have had their say and the majority do not want to legalize marijuana.

Not one county in the state voted in favor of Issue 3.

The measure divided the state for months.

It would have allowed adults 21 and older to buy one ounce of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, and allowed a licensed person to grow, use and share up to eight ounces of homegrown marijuana, plus four flowering plants.

The constitutional amendment would also have created a network of 10 authorized growing facilities and established a regulatory system.

Governor John Kasich tweeted his approval of the voters' choice at the ballots.

The biggest supporters of the constitutional amendment, ResponsibleOhio, faced serious opposition from citizens and organizations, many who said the proposed system would create a monopoly.

A spokesman from ResponsibleOhio was on the Cleveland 19 News on CLE43 at 9 p.m. when we broke the news that Issue 3 had failed.

According to the Associated Press, ResponsibleOhio spent $12 million on the campaign to push Issue 3 through.

A tweet from the organization promises a future attempt to legalize marijuana in Ohio.

Montel Williams visited Cleveland ahead of Tuesday's vote to show some celebrity support for Issue 3. He released a statement expressing his disappointment that the measure failed.

Issue 3 would have made Ohio the fifth state to allow weed for recreational use.

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