Montel Williams sounds off on defeat of Issue 3

Montel Williams sounds off on defeat of Issue 3

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Montel Williams, an active supporter of the legalization of marijuana, released a statement Tuesday night expressing his disappointment in the defeat of Issue 3, the measure that would have legalized marijuana in Ohio.

"It's unfortunate that Issue 3 didn't pass tonight in Ohio bringing with it relief for many sick and suffering Ohioans."

"Do I regret supporting it? Of course not. Was it imperfect? Of course it was, politics is imperfect. Do I see a 2016 crack at this in Ohio that's realistic? I do not. Would I LOVE to be wrong? Of course I would."

"I'm not a fair-weather activist on marijuana. I'm for access, even imperfect access over no access or kick the can down the road."

"If I only supported that which the marijuana movement collectively loved, I'd support nothing and help no patients."

"I have made $0 off marijuana - this isn't about money for me - this is about me being able to live a life, with MS with some dignity."

"Let it not be said that the State Legislature should be ashamed of itself for its misguided attempt to mislead Ohio voters with Issue 2.  In fact, Secretary of State Husted has sounded like the campaign manager for the opposition to Issue 3, rather than doing the job Ohioans hired him to do – be a neutral arbiter of elections."

Williams visited the Cleveland 19 studio ahead of Tuesday's vote to call for support of the constitutional amendment.?

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