Complaints continue to pour in from RushCard customers

RushCard customer just wants her money

OLD BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - How would you feel if you didn't have access to your money for a month?

That's exactly what is happening to RushCard customers. The card is a prepaid credit card that customers use to pay bills, get direct deposits, and cash from ATMs, avoiding overdraft fees and credit checks.

Entertainment mogul Russell Simmons started the company 12 years ago and is the face of RushCard.

In October we talked with several people angry about not having access to their money.

The company blamed the problem on a glitch after changing over to a new processing provider. Customers were told the problem was "mostly fixed."

Still more angry angry customers, including Old Brooklyn resident Charlesanna Ellis, contacted the company.

Ellis is disabled and gets her social security payments deposited on the RushCard. For weeks now her money has been tied up and the bill collectors have been calling.

"My money is already 5-days late and they don't know where it is," Ellis said.

On Oct. 14 Simmons himself posted a video explaining the problem and saying that it may "take a few more days" and "we are working 24/7 to solve the issue."

Oct. 26 the following tweet was posted.

Comments continue to flood Simmons' Facebook page of people demanding answers and their money.

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