Consumer Alert: Tips to weather-proof your home

Consumer Alert: Tips to weather-proof your home

AVON, OH (WOIO) - Now is the time to start thinking about weather-proofing your home.

Keeping the cold air out keeps more money in your pocket, according to ShurTech manager Stephen Wagner.

"Heating and cooling your home can cost up to 50 percent of your utility bill, and 25 percent of that can be lost if your windows and doors aren't properly insulated," Wagner explained.

Duck Tape can be used in many ways for home insulation, but the adhesive can ruin paint on windows and doors. ShurTech offers a variety of kits that work to seal windows and doors that go on easy using a blow dryer to adjust fit.

"The window filter provides a barrier in between your glass and your window," said Wagner.

For the door, there's a fabric door sealer that slides right on.

Wagner says kits can range between $8 and $20, depending on the size of the window or door.

"Depending on the size of your home, you can save hundreds of dollars a year," said Wagner.

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