Cop and co-worker fired after wife finds incriminating text messages

Cop and co-worker fired after wife finds incriminating text messages
Dispatcher Katie Kovack (Source: Vermilion Police Dept.)
Dispatcher Katie Kovack (Source: Vermilion Police Dept.)

VERMILION, OH (WOIO) - A police officer who was apparently cheating on his wife is now unemployed after his spouse discovered text messages and sent them to his boss.

Vermilion police say Officer David Jones and Dispatcher Katie Kovack were both fired for having sex while the officer was on duty.

According to the texts, one of the times the two had sex was on the night of Sept. 23 and until the wee hours of the morning. The texts also revealed the two were planning on when the rendezvous would start and where. The plan was for Ptl. Jones and Disp. Kovach to meet at his ex-brother-in-law's house, who was out of town at the time.

Three officers were on duty that night, including Jones. In the texts, Ptl. Jones told her one of the officers would be off, the other 'would never think to look for him' and the third officer was clueless.

Ptl. Jones's wife, Stacy Jones, found out about the affair through text messages. She took a screen shot and sent them to Vermilion Police Chief Chris Hartung.

During questioning, Disp. Katie Kovach admitted to having sex with Jones at least three times at various places in her Jeep.

Question:  Your relationship (with Ptl. Jones) where it was beyond friends, when did that start?
    Answer:  Roughly May or June it was after I separated from my husband

Question:  On Wednesday 09/23/15 there was an exchange of text message between you and Ptl. Jones, did you know that Ptl. Jones was on duty that day?
    Answer:  Yes.  Capt. So he was on duty?  Kovach: Yes

Question:  According to the screen shots, this was all planned out through text messages?
    Answer:  Yes

Question:  Did you engage in sexual activity at ***** house on the Wednesday or Thursday morning?
    Answer:  Yes

Question:  How long were you at ****** house?
    Answer:  Maybe an hour of two

Question:  There were several other times that you two meet up while Ptl. Jones was on duty.  How many other times did you two meet while he was on duty?
Answer:  A few.  We would meet up and just talk or whatever.  There was a time that we met up and had pizza in the parking lot at ACE Hardware.

Question:  There have been rumors going around about possible incidents happening on station?
    Kovach:  No.

Question:  On station, when nobody was around was there PDA, touching, feeling, kissing?
Kovach:  Every now and then he would walk in and kinda grab my shoulder or something or touch my hand.

Question:  So you guys kept it quiet on the down low?
    Kovach:  Professional.  Yes absolutely.

Question:  So, no PDA Public Display of Affection while on station?
    Kovach:  Correct.

She said their relationship began in May or June when Kovach separated from her husband. Kovach said when they did have sex she was always off but it was while Ptl. Jones was on duty with the Vermilion Police Department and she was aware he was on duty. 

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