Dozens arrested, accused in string of gang-related crimes

Dozens arrested, accused in string of gang-related crimes

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Officers from agencies across Cuyahoga County rounded up more than 50 people tied to a string of break-ins, car thefts and robberies.

The Grand Jury indicted 16 adults. Complaints were filed against 36 juveniles.

The charges range from participating in a criminal gang and aggravated burglary to receiving stolen property and breaking and entering. More charges are likely.

Authorities say most of the crimes happened on Cleveland's west side and west side suburbs, and involved five gangs: BBE 900, DTO, 1300 SPE, and 30 Low.

"Today's charges and arrests are the result of unparalleled cooperation and collaboration – cooperation and collaboration that recognizes that criminals have no respect for geographic or legal boundaries," said First Assistant County Prosecutor Duane Deskins, who also serves as Chief of the Juvenile Justice Division in Prosecutor's Office. "They are very willing to travel – and to take advantage of opportunities wherever they might find them."

Since June 2014, the Prosecutor's Office and law enforcement agencies throughout the county have dramatically stepped up their efforts to disrupt the criminal gangs that cause a large number of the crime and violence in our communities.

"We continue to work hard on efforts to help young people make better choices and offer second chances to those willing to change," said First Assistant Prosecutor Deskins. "But we, as citizens and law enforcement, remain steadfast in our determination to stop these criminal gangs from shattering the homes and hopes of our citizens."

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