On the Mark: Browns, this is silly, just do it

On the Mark: Browns, this is silly, just do it

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - I might as well be the bazillionth Browns observer to make the case. Play Johnny! Let's go! There are a lot of reasons to do it!

The first (and most obvious) reason is because….….they stink!   What do they have to lose? It's the "let's see what they have in him," rationale, which is sound. They're 2-7, their starting QB is Captain Stop-Gap Josh McCown, and many feel they need to look at quarterbacks in the draft. Why not find out if they really do need to draft one? No arguments here.

Another reason to play him is the fact that he has not been a train wreck. "Wow, setting the bar pretty low there, aren't you Schwab?" Yes! Yes I am! A 7-9 season in 2014 was considered a success, so I don't think I'm the only one with low standards! This is the Browns! Manziel has not been a disaster like he was a year ago. He has showed legitimate progress, even if the coaches do feel he needs to "stay in the pocket more." Not only has he progressed from last year, but he even seems to have progressed from earlier this season. He wasn't fumbling in Cincinnati the way he was against the Jets and Titans!

It also would not be bad PR to start him, which can be a terrible reason to play a guy, but not always. Stay with me here for a minute. Browns fans are not only sick and tired of losing, they are sick and tired of feeling like they have no hope. Manziel has something that was best described to me once by a baseball guy as "the spectacle of potential." Everybody watching knows what McCown is. He is Jake Delhomme and Trent Dilfer. He is the token veteran quarterback looking to show he can still play in the league. McCown has been incredibly tough this year, and that is appreciated more than you might think in that locker room, but he is not leading them to the playoffs this year. They could make that argument a month ago, but not at 2-7. They're done.

"But Schwab, this team is playing hard for McCown!" I know. But they're pros. They're going to play hard for Johnny too. And no veteran worth a squat is going to up and quit because a 2-7 team decided to find out what they have in a young quarterback. If they can't figure out that this what happens to 2-7 teams, then I'm not sure they're veterans worth a squat.

Browns, we all know where this is heading, so we might as well get to gettin'. Get on with it. Play Johnny.

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