Z Files: If not Bernie, then who?

Z Files: If not Bernie, then who?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Bernie Kosar feels your pain, Browns fans. Enough to publicly offer his services to the Browns Sunday on Tailgate 19.

"I want to do this, ok?  And I will fire myself if we are not a competitive NFL team within a year or two", Kosar said. When I followed up and asked him if he's saying he wants to run the Browns, Kosar answered "I want to at least help, because I'll tell you what, you have to have accountability, you have to take complete responsibility."

That was a direct shot across the front office's bow. It's no secret Kosar's relationship with club president Alec Scheiner and the team is fractured, and it goes beyond his harsh comments about then-Rams quarterback Sam Bradford in a preseason game in August of 2013. Kosar, like many former Browns, believe the current regime wants little to do with alumni. They're haunted by the ghosts of a successful Browns' past, while struggling to somehow right the ship in the present.

But there's a reason why Kosar's comments caught fire. He not only represents the good ol' days, he possesses a brilliant football mind, credible enough to have other teams consistently call on him to consult, while the team in his own backyard, his former team, keeps him at arm's length.

So, if not Bernie, who? Which successful, proven, powerful figure can the Browns turn to save this sad franchise? We thought Mike Holmgren was the guy, and he might have been, if only he'd coached. Instead, he turned his three-year presidency into a $40 million retirement fund, more coaches came and went, and the struggles continued.

Other familiar names will pop up again. Cowher. Gruden. Established winners who would and should get complete control if they were actually up for a challenge like this. But Chuck Booms brought up another name on "Tailgate 19", a coach who has zero NFL experience, but fits the bill in every other area.

"You want to know who can walk in here tomorrow?", Booms asked the panel. "Not the most pleasant guy in the world, but he knows athletes, he can judge talent...you could give this thing to Urban Meyer tomorrow, and he could be general manager and coach...wherever he's been, Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, Ohio State, he gets athletes, and he wins."

Former Browns cornerback Hanford Dixon, another great piece of the team's history, and a guy who'd love to work for the team himself, disagreed.

"I don't think we need an Urban Meyer. We've got a Bernie Kosar right here", Dixon said.

More words to stoke the fire of a frustrated fan base that continues to embrace and love its' former players, and just wishes the franchise felt the same way.
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