Shaker Heights Police tight-lipped about officer-involved shooting

Shaker Heights Police tight-lipped about officer-involved shooting

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Shaker Heights Police are still not releasing the name of the suspect shot by an officer early Sunday morning after they found him inside a homeowner's garage.

Police would only say the suspect is still alive.

Adrienne Nickerson was watching from a window in her Ludlow Road home when police shot the suspect, who had broken into her garage.

Nickerson was home with her two small children at the time. Her husband, a Cleveland firefighter, was at work.

"They were able to come while the guy was in the garage. It was pretty quick. My door was open. They shouted something out, and the events unfolded as it did, unfortunately," Nickerson said.

Nickerson says she heard two gunshots. She says the suspect was taken away in stable condition.

Nickerson has had her property broken into before. Two lawnmowers were recently stolen. She had beefed up her security system with some motion sensors around her garage, and she says those sensors alerted her to the intruder's presence.

"My security system went off, and at the same time, I did see through my door that someone was at my door attempting entry into my garage," Nickerson described.

She dialed 911 and says police showed up quickly.

She wasn't able to see whether the suspect had a weapon or not, and police have not said whether the suspect was armed.

"I was glad that Shaker Heights got her as quickly as they did. They did a great job," Nickerson added.

Just hours after the shooting, the suspect's blood was still inside Nickerson's garage. Her SUV now has a bullet hole in it.

Neighbors living on the well-kept street say there have been issues recently with break-ins and thefts and what happened Sunday morning makes them want to get a security system too.

"Yeah, that definitely makes me want to get something, lock the doors, shut the blinds - just little stuff to keep safe. We always can do a little bit more," said Quiray Rodgers, a nearby neighbor.

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