Fans react to Bernie Kosar's offer to run the Browns

Fans react to Bernie Kosar's offer to run the Browns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Browns fans are sounding off on a promise made by former quarterback Bernie Kosar on Tailgate 19 Sunday.

"I want to do this and I'll fire myself if we're not a competitive NFL team with in a year or two," Bernie said.

Is that just Bernie bravado or is he serious about wanting to take over the reigns of the franchise he lead to AFC Championship games three times?

Browns fans are never shy.

"I don't know if Bernie is capable of that,"  said Nick Dykin.

Nick loves football, Bernie, and the Browns, but like all of us, he is tired of seeing them losing game after game.

"He's a very intelligent man but I don't know. That's a big job. Of course, the guys we've got running it now aren't any good either. Couldn't hurt," said Deonta Pempton.

Deonta is on "Team Bernie."

"I think Bernie has a beautiful football mind and should be given a shot."

Amy Russell joined the Kosar chorus too.

"I think he'd really be a great GM for the Browns. I think he's smart. I think he knows football in and out. I think he's be a big asset. But I really don't think they'd allow him," she said.

Her husband, Pat, is a big Bernie fan too.

"It's probably a good idea and of the best football minds we've had in Cleveland."

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