Shaker Council discusses possible pit bull ban

Shaker Council discusses possible pit bull ban

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Outside of Shaker Heights City Hall sat Lola.  She is a two-year-old pit bull who was mistreated by her former owner.

Her leg had to be amputated.

Lola is up for adoption, but it may not happen in Shaker Heights.

Executive director of PAWS Ohio Amy Beichler says pit bulls are getting a bad rap.

"I've been the director for 12 years, I've been bit by a chihuahua, I've never been bit by a pit bull ever, 12 years, thousands of dogs," Beichler said.

Last July, Annie Williams from Shaker Heights was attacked by a pit bull in front of her grandchildren.

The 71-year-old died from her wounds.

She was attacked at a relative's home.

Annie's granddaughter Tequila Williams spoke to crowded room.

"My 8-year-old daughter has vivid, intrusive memories of what she saw, of a dog knocking her grandmother down and biting her in the neck and seeing blood around her body," Williams said.

That has prompted city council members to discuss the possibility of an ordinance regulating vicious dogs.

The room was packed and everyone had an opinion.

"I believe that the public deserves to have a vicious dog ordinance. I believe the taxpayer does, but I believe that's what it should be, a vicious dog not a breed specific ordinance," said one Shaker resident.

"If they were already here, but if you bring them in they should go through the regulations they talked about at the last meeting," said another resident.

Most at Monday's meeting said pit bull are good dogs, that problems come from the owner, not the breed.

"It's mind-boggling how so many people can stand behind a dog and animal and not think once about the life being taken by the animal," Williams said.

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