RTA spells out financial future following tough questions

RTA spells out financial future following tough questions
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 News has been asking the tough questions about RTA and the future of its rail system.

Tuesday the general manager released a statement, spelling out it's financial situation.

According to the release: The truth is that more than 45 percent of RTA's capital budget is allotted to rail, yet rail serves only 19 percent of RTA's customers. If for this reason only, logic may suggest that RTA rail services should be abandoned. But RTA has no such plan.

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RTA says the plan is to improve its rail network and resources have been put to ensure that happens.

"Now is not the time to panic because RTA isn't panicking, yet," according to the statement.

Cleveland 19 News is working to bring you a story where we investigate RTA's funding or lack of funding and whether RTA can sustain their current rapid train system into the future. The story airs Sunday at 11 p.m. on Cleveland 19 News.

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