New procedure targets popular problem area: Your chin

New procedure targets popular problem area: Your chin
Kybella treatment helping patients fight "chin fat" (Source: WOIO)

BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) - When it comes to appearances, one problem area stands out for many people: the under-the-chin area.

It's a common place for fat to accumulate.

Now, a new procedure is living up to its promise to get rid of it.

It's called Kybella and there was so much excitement about it when it was first introduced this summer.

Doctors finally have it in their hands and they're putting it to work.

59-year-old Joanne Schiemann was willing to be one of the first in the Cleveland area to give it a try. While it doesn't stand out so much when you first see her, Joanne points out what she sees so clearly: a little extra weight under her chin.

"Like, almost like a turkey gobble is what I see, you know, like a double chin or something is what I see," Joanne said.

As Dr. Lydia Parker takes a look, she finds enough "extra" under her chin to pinch.

"That's right. Here is what we want to dissolve and take away," Dr. Parker said.

She is putting Kybella to the test, explaining what it is.

"Deoxycholic acid, which is a substance your body naturally makes to dissolve fats in your diet, dissolve fats in your digestive system," Dr. Parker said.

Kybella is the first non-surgical procedure to target the fat under the chin.

It is delivered though a series of injections, about 20 injections per procedure, after some good numbing with Novocain and other pain relief.

None of that bothers Joanne though, a cancer survivor, who says she has been through a lot worse and is excited to treat herself with this.

"When this opportunity came up I'm like, sure, I'll try it, see if it works," Joanne said.

As the procedure got underway, Joanne said she couldn't even feel it.

Dr. Parker says that's the usual response, but warns it could be uncomfortable for the next few days.

She says it gets even more swollen for a day or two and can be sore to the touch for a few days before you start to see the results.

Those final results set in in about a month, then it's determined if another treatment is needed.

For Joanne, it would be three treatments and and smiles with the difference she sees each time.

"It's been a dramatic, a dramatic change so it's really nice. I like had no chin so it's really nice look at, to see your profile or look in the mirror and not feel like you're really getting old," Joanne said.

Dr. Parker also wants to make it clear that this is for only fat under the chin, not the loose or sagging skin.

The procedure costs about $1,200 for the first treatment. Any following treatments could cost less because they typically require less Kybella.

Typically, the doctor says it takes two to three treatments to reach the goal of zero fat.

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