Tree crushes recently renovated home in Mentor

Tree crushes recently renovated home in Mentor

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - Residents in Mentor are cleaning up Friday morning after strong winds brought down trees, causing major damage to a home on Wilson Drive. An advisory Thursday night had strong winds gusting about 50-60 mph.

Zaid Nabulsi sighs in relief as he gazes at his home.

"If any of my kids were in there, it would've been instant death," he said.

An 80-foot tree crashed into his home so hard, it left a dent in the side of the house.

"That tree came down right into my kid's bedroom," he said.

No one was in that part of the house at the time, so no one was hurt.

Now, Nabulsi and his family have a huge mess on their hands. He says this is the first time he's seeing the damage this close and he just spent $15,000 on upgrades.

"New roof, new gutters, new paint, everything…and then this happened," he said.

The water, gas and electric have been shut off so the Nabulsis can't live there. Still, he feels thankful because it could have been worse.

"House is just material. It can be replaced. Family, you know, it can't be," he said.

Nabulsi says the tree removal company plans to remove the 80-foot trunk by the weekend.

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