Disappointed Browns fan buries his jersey

Disappointed Browns fan buries his jersey

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Bad plays by the Browns have fans giving up on the team.

"Seeing the decline of this once proud franchise is just disgusting. As a fan, the Browns are no longer priority on a Sunday," said Tony Sansavera of North Ridgeville.

Tony has been a Browns fan for as long as he can remember. He has watched the Browns from all over the stadium, including the Dawg Pound.

But now, he says the Browns have gone to the dogs.

He was so disgusted with Sunday's performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers that he buried his jersey in his side yard.

"What I did is run to my closet and grabbed my personalized jersey. I came outside and I dug a hole and I was burying the team with that jersey. I threw a hat in there with my jersey. Another really good friend of mine used his hat to mark the grave," Tony said.

The hat, $25. The jersey $100.

"I tweeted the Browns and addressed Mr. Haslam specifically, asking him to show this to the players," Tony said.

Tony wore his Cavs gear on Monday.

"The Cavaliers put out a product on the court, one that wins. They put on a good event down at The Q. I can't force my son to root for a bad team, just because it's who I grew up rooting for," Tony said.

And to the Browns, Tony adds, "I really don't think based on what I'm seeing on the field that these players care about this team, this organization or this city."

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