Mentor teacher issued visa for 1 of 3 kids in Syria

Mentor teacher issued visa for 1 of 3 kids in Syria

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - A Mentor substitute teacher who has been trying to get his three kids out of Syria announced Wednesday that his daughter's visa has been granted.

Bassam Abdulrahim is still working on visas for his two sons.

Abdulrahim has been fighting to bring his children to the U.S. since September. He even resigned from his job so he could focus on bringing them here.

Abdulrahim also deleted his gofundme page, due to increased media coverage. He had raised almost $20,000 in two months. The money will be used for lawyer fees and travel expenses.

Before taking it down, Abdulrahim posted the following message:

Due to increased media coverage, we will be pulling our website down. Although we appreciate the interest that our situation has generated, the safety of our children and their mother is of utmost importance and any undue interest brought to them at home is not helpful and possibly dangerous. To all of those who have donated or support us , most importantly, through prayer, we are eternally grateful.
Jenn and Bassam

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