On the Mark: Hello, good 'bye'

On the Mark: Hello, good 'bye'

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Browns have this Sunday off, and I swear it's a day off for you and I as well. Of course, some of you had already mailed it in and spent the last few Sunday's doing things like mowing the yard, raking leaves or getting an early start on those Christmas lights. You know, being productive. As opposed to the others that spend three hours on Sunday (or in one case, Thursday) thinking "I'd rather be chewing glass," then moments later, "who do they play next week?" Football is a tough habit to crack.

NFL Sunday is intoxicating sometimes. It's like drinking from a firehose of football enjoyment. All the games and highlights, all the fantasy action… or any other action (strictly for recreational purposes, of course). But with the Browns it makes you feel like you'd rather be intoxicated, drinking ANYTHING from a fire hose as long as the proof is high enough. They are tough to watch!

Johnny Manziel has at least given us something to wonder about and keep an eye on the last couple of games, but this defense… yikes! Browns fans could sure use a week off from that bunch. At some point you have to wonder if they'll start taking more than one week away from Browns football. Maybe not this year, but some season soon. That might be more of a topic for the offseason, especially if ownership blows it all up again, but it is worth filing away for later.

Bye weeks rarely are a bad thing, the only time they can be is if the team is hot and everybody is healthy. Under no circumstances does that apply to the Browns, so bye week, here we come! So long, Browns! We'll see you next week. And please, get refreshed. The eyes of the nation will be watching when the Ravens come to town for Monday Night Football. I'm sure some of you are already bumping your leaf raking till Monday.

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