Scathing Facebook post aimed at rock thrower who injured teacher

Scathing Facebook post aimed at rock thrower who injured teacher

UNIONTOWN, OH (WOIO) - The husband of a Uniontown teacher who was permanently injured by a rock that crashed through her windshield has harsh words posted on his Facebook page for the man who threw the rock.

Sharon Budd was nearly killed by what was described as a "volleyball-sized" rock that hit her as she traveled along Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania in July 2014.

Budd's skull was crushed. She lost an eye and is permanently brain damaged.

Dylan Lahr, 18, pleaded guilty to his involvement in the incident along with two other young men. Lahr was identified as the person who actually threw the rock that hit Budd.

A judge sentenced Lahr to 4.5 to 20 years in prison. Lahr now says he received a penalty much stiffer than the other two in the case.

Tyler Porter was sentenced to 22 months to 10 years in prison. Keefer McGee got 11 to 23 months in jail.

Sharon Budd's husband Randy took to Facebook to express his outrage at Lahr's reaction.

Budd's post reads, "You want to play Dylan? Your sentence was way too light! No more pleas from the Budd family. You took my wife, mother, and daughter. You are a coward! I'm looking forward to a heavier sentence!"

Lahr's attorney, Brian Manchester of Bellefonte, Pa., says he will no longer represent Lahr, who could now end up facing more prison time if he appeals.

Meanwhile, Sharon Budd's husband has said his wife received a life sentence.

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