SHOP NOW #19BF: New deals posted

SHOP NOW #19BF: New deals posted
Walmart deals
Walmart deals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 9:10 Update

Walmart had said that they were going to wait until Midnight (PT) tonight to do their online sale but they've started now. They're rolling out a few items early mostly toys. Target is suppose to start at midnight so I won't be surprised if they start too.

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7:26 Update

Someone asked about desk top computers. There are two at Best Buy that look pretty good on sale. Check page 27 of their BF ad.

Every year Dell has some pretty remarkable deals to so make sure you check them out.

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5:21 Update

MAPS MAPS MAPS!!! If you are going to try and do the BF Thursday shopping in Target and Walmart you better know where they have stashed the stuff. To try and avoid some of the chaos they move the big things to sections that aren't used. Like putting the TV's in the maternity section. Because most stores are set up different, so to are the maps. So make sure you put in the zip code and find the exact store you'll be shopping at.

Target Map Click Here

Walmart Map Click Here (make sure on the Walmart link, you change it to your store location)

3:47 Update deal I've seen so far for a 49" 4K TV. $499 ($300 off) Target online RIGHT NOW!!!!

3:45 Update

Target has some great "One Day Early" deals online RIGHT NOW. Take a look here.

3:35 Update

Pretty good deal RIGHT NOW on a PS4 Star Wars Bundle. Put this under the tree and your kid will go nuts. Comes with Star Wars: Battle Front game. $349 online.

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3:22 Update

Time to talk times...Here's a list of store hours for Black Friday/Thursday

Walmart-6 PM Thurs. (Online sale starts 3AM ET because it will officially be Tgiving everywhere)

Target-6PM Thurs.

Toys R Us-5 PM Thurs.

Game Stop-5 AM Fri.

Best Buy- 5 PM Thurs. Round Two is 8AM Fri.

Kohl's-6 PM Thurs.

JC Penney-3 PM Thurs.

Office Max/Depot-6PM Thurs. (Online 6PM WEDNESDAY)

Sears-6PM Thurs.

Home Depot-6AM Fri.

12:00 p.m. Update

Have a fashionista in your life? Want to give them the gift of designer duds? You are in luck! Kate Spade is running a surprise sale- 75% off. 
Purses, wallets, whimsical coin purses, clutches, make-up bags and jewelry are all on sale!

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Been eyeing a FitBit? While supplies last, drop the price of the FitBit Zip from $59.99 to $29.50, or the price of the FitBit One from $99.99 to $49.50 using the code FITBIT50 at AT&T. Plus, the shipping is free. This is the lowest price we could find for the clip-on FitBit One $50 and the FitBit Zip by $10

11:45 am Update

Know someone that loves to bake? Then you know the Kitchenaid Mixer is considered the gold standard for bakers! And this is the best deal of the year on a Kitchenaid Mixer. Move quickly as it will likely sell out. The bestselling KitchenAid 4.5qt Classic Plus Mixer, usually $299.99, is on sale for $229.99 at, plus enter promo code NOV15 and you'll pay $195.49. Then send in this $30 rebate to cut your price to $165.49. Better still, you will receive $45 in Kohl's cash via email following your purchase, good for use from 11/30-12/6.

8:15 Update

Apple Watches are tough to get a deal on because generally Apple sets the price. So if that's what you're after I suggest at least getting something for your purchase. Target IN STORE purchase Black Friday gets a $100 Target gift card, that you know you'll spend anyway, when you buy an Apple watch for $349. Page 3 of the BF ad.

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7:54 Update

Star Wars toys will be huge since the move comes out in mid-December. I like the Black Friday deal KMart has on the extendable "lightsaber." Because all kids need something to whack each other with on Christmas morning. Might as get them cheap at $4.99. In store, when doors open at 7PM Thursday.

7:32 Update

Have you ever wanted to be that person with the antlers and a red nose on your car? You might as well get it cheap. Hows $9.99 RIGHT NOW online from KMart.

5:54 Update

Need a new tree for all your presents, and get it at 50% off RIGHT NOW. Pretty good sale online with Target.

5:43 Update

Wow...get your kids reading over Christmas break. Amazon has a great deal RIGHT NOW on a Kindle bundle for your kid which includes a color cover for it AND 2 year accident protection because you know you'll need it. Comes in at around 50% off with a price tag of under $69.99.

Click Here

5:18 Update

How about a 2-in-1 tablet, which is a tablet that can be docked into a keyboard. Pretty good buy RIGHT NOW from Walmart. RCA 10.1" screen, 32 GB. $99.99.

4:55 Update

Calling all wine drinkers and you better move fast. A wine Aerator helps to get your red wine breathing quicker and they're normally pretty expensive. But here's one at more than 70% off on Amazon.

4:47 Update

Had a woman looking for an HP all-in-one printer 8610 or better with a pretty good price. $99 From Office Depot/OfficeMax. Remember their deals start online Wednesday at 6PM. Check page 7 for the printer.

4:35 Update

For that kid who needs a handheld video game every year here is one for you. This may not be the latest version of the Nintendo device but for the price, FOR TODAY ONLY, Walmart has a pretty good buy. Nintendo 2DS for $79. That's a savings of more than $50.

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4:04 Update

Are you one of those families that does PJ's on Christmas Eve? You might as well save 40%. As a part of Targets 10 days of Xmas deals all sleepwear is 40% off.

3:50 Update

Donna...I want a small hot tub

Dan DeRoos Wow...1st time I've seen this request. Let me look around. gut tells me that Home Depot will do some sort of % off, web purchases either Thursday, or over the weekend for Cyber Monday. I would keep my eye on this page, and see what happens.

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Tuesday 3:10

Gina Monastero
Gina Monastero

Gina Monastero Deals on TV's?

Dan DeRoos
Dan DeRoos

Dan DeRoos Really depends on what you're looking for. Are you trying to upgrade to 4K which is sooooo much better than your HD. If that's the case Target will be selling an LG 49" 4K smart TV for about $500. Which is about the lowest I've seen so far for 4K. Page two of the BF ad.

If you're going for sheer size...Target will also have a 60" Samsung 1080 P for $700 and it is a SMART TV. Page 6. If I were you I would try to get online at MIDNIGHT Thursday (so late Wednesday night) And see if you can get it then.

Target ad Click Here

Lets be honest we're all going to need some bigger jeans after the Thanksgiving meal so why not get them 50% off. Old Navy is 50% off everything Thursday and Friday.

Wow if you're in the market for a 4K TV (4K is better than your HD tv right now) Best Buy has one on sale preBF. 48" for $600.

PreBF deal from Walmart. Keurig Coffee maker right now on-line for $87. It's an older generation but I have used this exact one and it's all you need.

Best "starter" laptop for your kids...A Toshiba Satellite 14" laptop with all the usual processors. Normally $250, will be $119 on BF through Office Max and Office Depot

Wow...just saw Walmart doing a pre-BF sale on a tablet online right now. RCA 7" Tablet for $39.99. Quad Core and 16 GB memory.

Click here

Dan DeRoos here and I'm going to be your Black Friday Guru. When you have a question of where the best stuff is, hit us up on the 19 FB/Twitter page and I'll answer them.

My first best deal...because BF has become about the TV, is Target with a 49" 4K (that's better quality than your HD) for $499. That's a pretty impressive price for 4K.

Need help navigating holiday shopping? Cleveland 19's Dan DeRoos has become the unofficial king of Black Friday. He wants to help you get the best deals this week. You can tweet @DanDeRoos19 or Facebook Dan to ask him where you can get the best price on an item and he will find it for you. Make sure to use the hashtag #19BF.

Shop now:

In a surprise move, Kohl's put all of its Black Friday deals online Monday morning. At least two items sold out before noon.

The monday before Thanksgiving it typically the best day to buy electronics before Christmas. The best day to buy jewelry is on Thanksgiving Day.

Best way not to get shut out:

Walmart has five door busters guaranteed for one-hour only. As long as you are in the store, in the special area of that item, you will either get the item or a rain check with guaranteed delivery by Christmas. will have Black Friday events throughout the weekend, along with "lightning deals," price reductions that are offered for a short time period (last year a $230 video camera was marked down to $110).   Discounted items are often available for only a few hours or until they're sold out.

Best stores to hit:

Walmart at 6 p.m. Thursday

Target at 6 p.m. Thursday

Toys R Us at 5 p.m. Thursday

These couponers regularly post holiday shopping deals online:

Americans are expected to spend $83 billion online this holiday season, 11 percent more than last year.

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