Akron business near deadly plane crash site destroyed in smash and grab

Akron business near deadly plane crash site destroyed in smash and grab

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The local headquarters of an Akron construction company was destroyed by robbery suspects over the weekend.

Police say sometime between Friday, Nov. 20 and early Saturday morning, the suspects stole a 1995 Dodge Ram pickup truck from Gary's Car Kare, located at 3051 Mogadore Rd. and drove the pickup truck to Osbourne Stone on Darrow Road.

After breaking into a garage at Osbourne Stone they took the keys to two large construction front loaders and two acetylene torches.

The suspects then drove one front loader, with the torches loaded in the buckets, down the railroad tracks. This front loaded was wrecked and found in the weeds along the railroad tracks near Skeleton Road.

The suspects then went back to Osbourne Stone and took a second front loader and drove to J. Bowers Construction, also on Mogadore Rd. They used the bucket of the front loader to damage the construction building.

Once they got in, the suspects removed a safe from the business.

Officers found the stolen pickup truck, safe and torches at the dead end of Die Gem Way off of Mogadore Road.

Damage was also reported by Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad Company to the railroad tracks.

No arrests or suspect have been identified and the incident remains under investigation. If you have any information give police a call.

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