Don't get scammed: 5 things to watch out for before donating

Don't get scammed: 5 things to watch out for before donating

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tis the season for crooks to try to pose as reputable charities stealing your money intended for those really in need.

"There's a lot of the charities that come out of the woodwork," Ericka Dilworth of the Better Business Bureau said.

There are five simple things to think about before you donate.

  • 1. First make sure you know the charity.
  • 2. Don't feel pressured to give right away.
  • 3. Double check charities that use "Cause Marketing.
  • 4. And when it comes to crowd sourcing make sure you clearly know where funds are going.
  • 5. Always investigate GoFundMe accounts.

"Proceeds of this t shirt will go to some particular charity. You have to be careful make sure they are particularly telling you what
that is. Is it 25 cents or is it 5 dollars," Dilworth said.

"Don't assume just because it has someone's particular name associated with it that it is indeed those funds are going to go to that
person," Dilworth said.

According to a new survey from AARP, when it comes to online holiday shopping 70 percent of shoppers are at risk of getting scammed by clicking onto fake websites posing as a well-known retailers fishing for your personal info.

Thieves even hit the gift card rack, secretly writing down or electronically scanning the numbers off the cards then calling the toll free number to see if the card is activated. And when it is, your money is gone.

If you aren't sure about giving money, maybe give your time and volunteer at a reputable charity.

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