Donald Trump stumps in Columbus, takes jab at Kasich

Donald Trump stumps in Columbus, takes jab at Kasich

COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) - Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of several thousands Monday night at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. He addressed everything from terrorism, to immigration and his thoughts on the media and his opponents.

He began by taking a jab at fellow presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich. He touted his numbers in the polls and asked if Kasich was dropping out.

"Your governor is only 2, what happened?" Trump said. "I heard he was dropping out."

Trump also didn't back down from controversial 9/11 comments.

Trump said residents of Jersey City, NJ celebrated the World Trade Center attacks on September 11. He said he's received hundreds of calls and tweets from people saying that was true.

When it comes to fighting terrorism, Trump said he would approve waterboarding in a heartbeat. He also called for more surveillance and said he wants to create a list for the hundreds of Syrian refugees that may be let into the United States.

Some people in the crowd booed at that remark, and Trump told his security to escort them out.

Trump believes the Paris attacks could have been prevented.

"We've become soft, weak, a laughingstock of the world. Look at Paris… if some of the folks had been carrying guns, it wouldn't have happened," Trump said.

Terrorism is on the mind of a lot of Americans right now.

According to a new CBS poll, nearly 70 percent of Americans say an attack is at least somewhat likely, the highest since May of 2011.

14 percent now say terrorism is the most important problem facing the county, up from only two percent just two weeks ago. It is now only outranked by the economy and jobs.

There were about 100 to 150 protesters outside of Trump's rally Monday night.

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