Officers save deer trapped in cistern

Officers save deer trapped in cistern
It was nearly a tragic situation for two deer running in a wooded area in Northeast Ohio. But this time the danger wasn't from a hunter, but an open cistern. 
Cisterns are commonly used to capture and store water, but one near I-90 and Bishop road caught two fully grown deer with big antlers. It is not known how long the animals were struggling to keep their heads above the bitter cold water before help arrived. 
In an incredible video filmed by an area resident, and shared to the Wickliffe Police Department Facebook page, you see how two patrol officers quick thinking helped avoid a tragedy. It even appears as though the deer understood the officers were attempting to save their lives. The two deer are seen not struggling as officer loop a rope around their antlers and drag them to safety. The stunned deer even let the officers remove the ropes once they are back on dry land. 

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