Massages becoming new relaxation method for infants

Massages becoming new relaxation method for infants

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - As any new parent can tell you, the first few months can be challenging. But now there's a trend growing in popularity that is helping infants relax: massages.

Noble Loos is a happy, healthy, 6-month-old baby. But his mother, Tessa, says when he was first born, there were several rough months that left her in tears and him with stomach issues.

"He was up at least every two hours. He would cry constantly. I remember holding him, nursing him and just crying, tears just falling on his face," recalls Loos.

Turns out, Noble had severe gas, leaving him extremely uncomfortable and irritable. The discomfort was so bad, Tessa and her husband say they felt helpless not knowing what to do sometimes.

Then a friend told them about the infant massage program at Achievement Centers for Children in Westlake.

Loos says it was a life changer and she noticed a change in Noble just weeks into the program.

"When we got to the tummy strokes, you could tell that it was feeling good to him because he would remain calm," says Loos. "The first time it was actually a blowout onto another organization's blanket. I felt so bad. It was good. Yeah. It was working."

"There are specific strokes for the face, the tummy, the back," explains Kristine Snell.

Snell is an infant massage instructor at the Achievement Center's for Children.

"It's beneficial because we can get some processes going early in life and it becomes part of the family routine and rituals," says Snell.

For the the Loos family, it means relief and comfort for Noble and no more days with tears and pain.

"The massage for us became more than just bonding, it was like a form of communication," says Loos.

The infant massage program is free for Cuyahoga County residents. Find more information here.

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