Transgender woman turns pain into pages

Transgender woman turns pain into pages

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They're the emotions that often plague people around this time of year.

Rejection and loneliness, but for some this time can be really hurtful when people around them don't understand who they are.

"I was born John and I lived as John for more than 60 years and about 3.5 years ago," said Holly Maholm, a lawyer turned author who's transitioned into living as a transgender woman. "I learned that I was different and I felt different about myself and started to transition at that time."

Time is said to heal wounds, but this news wasn't welcomed by everyone in Holly's life.

"I got re-married and I didn't know about Holly in 2013 it happened to me and we did get a divorce," said Maholm.

For Holly the fight continues, this Yale University and Ohio State Moritz College of Law graduate is still holding out hope that some of her family members will talk to her again.

"I couldn't believe this was happening to me, I thought I had a stroke," said Maholm.

"All of my life I felt like a guy, I had no women's clothing I never felt like a woman it came on me very suddenly it came as quite a shock."

That's how the book "Brave in Ribbons" was born.

"It's very painful , we lose family members it's not easy, I wanted to appreciate it in the context of Christmas."

You can find Holly's book, "Brave in Ribbons" on Amazon.

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