Akron man thankful for Hot Pockets this Thanksgiving

Akron man thankful for Hot Pockets this Thanksgiving
Man says Hot Pockets saved his life. (Source: AP)
Man says Hot Pockets saved his life. (Source: AP)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - This is a Thanksgiving Jason Bartley will probably never forget because he knows it's one he may have never seen.

"It's a lot different with everything going on there's so much to be thankful for," Bartley said.

Tuesday, Nov. 11 was like any other normal day. Bartley was in his Akron apartment on Mogadore Road when he remembered he needed to run some errands before work, so he left.

"I was on my computer and I had to get to the bank. I went to the bank, went to Giant Eagle, got some fruit," Bartley said.

Bartley said he was moving quickly.

"I knew I was in a hurry," he said.

He was rushing to get back to his apartment and off to work.

"It wasn't something I've normally done," he said.

But then he remembered a strange craving he was having for Hot Pockets.

He made another stop to pick up the microwaveable turnovers and then he made his way home.

"As I'm coming home all I see is smoke coming out of the sky, and I said man that looks like my apartment," Bartley said.

It was his apartment. A small plane headed to Akron Fulton International Airport had crashed into his building, killing all nine people on board.

"My heart just d ropped. It was a very unimaginable feeling right there everything was gone," Bartley.

Miraculously no one was inside the apartment building during the crash and no one on the ground was hurt.

Had Bartley continued to rush and skip the unplanned stop home he would have been at home.

"Everything timed out perfectly to keep me from going," Bartley.

Bartley said the community's support and donations have been overwhelming.

"A lot of people have been giving," said Bartley.

Bartley said it's just another reason he has to be thankful today.

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