Z Files: Tempers flare over Johnny Manziel

WOIO, Cleveland - Four days after Johnny Manziel was demoted from first-string to third-string, the Tailgate 19 crew finally had a chance to weigh in on the topic,
and tempers were flaring on the Sunday morning show. Joe Jurevicius said what many Browns fans are thinking, when he hinted that the team should part ways with Manziel.

"At some point you're a professional football player", the former wide receiver said. "You're not here to be babysat, and that's why I think at some point you either need to be professional, or you need to move on."

Comedian Chuck Booms, a longtime Johnny supporter, disagreed, saying that's exactly what the Browns should do. Babysit.

"The Dallas Cowboys actually assigned somebody to go with (troubled receiver) Dez Bryant, even to the shopping mall."

But three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Bob Golic shot back, saying "With all due respect, and your comedic talents aside, that's about the dumbest-ass thing I've ever heard", Golic said to Booms. "You don't spy on your players. If we've come to that, we've
lost control of everything."

Browns legend Bernie Kosar actually agreed with both Golic and Booms.

"You're actually both right. Sadly, Bob, I think we've come to that. That's been my point all year. Culturally and systemically we've lost it. I don't even know if we've had it. He (Johnny) needs to be watched. He needs to be told what to do, and I'm not sure
it's even happening."

Manziel may not even dress for Monday's game against the Baltimore Ravens, the first Monday Night appearance for the Browns in six years. Josh McCown, who threw for a team-record 457 yards in the win over the Ravens in October, will get the start at quarterback,
and Austin Davis will back him up.

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Copyright 2015 WOIO. All rights reserved.