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Fatalities and injuries for mass shootings at U.S. schools and universities

Tensions on university campuses ran high Monday, November 30, both locally and nationally.

Akron Public School officials sent out a warning to residents about a man who was spotted carrying a gun on his back.

The man was seen near the University of Akron campus and other busy parts of town.

Officers have talked to him and he says he is exercising his right to carry a weapon. The Akron Police Department said he is not a threat. 

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The University of Illinois at Chicago was forced to cancel classes after an online threat was posted Monday.

The University says one of its students living off-campus has been arrested in connection with threats made against the University of Chicago.

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With two threats in one day it might feel like public mass shootings on school campuses are on the rise. But the numbers show a decline.

In 1989, 29 people were injured and six people were killed in school mass shootings. Nearly a decade later in 1998 there were nine fatalities and 25 injuries.

So far this year there have been nine fatalities and seven injuries. 2007 was the deadliest with 33 victims.

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