Cleveland changes OT policy, cuts traffic officers for Browns game

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The city of Cleveland is cracking down on overtime and that was obvious during the Browns Monday night football game.

According to Cleveland 19 sources, city officials decided to change its traffic detail policy right before the game.

Police officers no longer get overtime for working traffic, they get a comp day. Which means for the game against the Baltimore Ravens only 45 traffic posts were manned compared to the usual 104 posts.

Cleveland Police Patrolman's Union President Steve Loomis called the change in policy illegal on a federal level.

The city is also pulling as many as six patrol cruisers from different districts to cover downtown traffic.

"Response time is going to suffer. We are not going to be able to respond with proper numbers of officers for certain emergency calls," Loomis said.

Is pulling officers from neighborhoods where 118 people have been murdered in Cleveland a smart move? City Councilman Zach Reed said we need to protect neighborhoods first.

"This is a clear example once again if you are out of town or if you are downtown you are going to get better safety and better security than the people who live out in our community and it's just wrong," Reed said.

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