Had enough? Callers fed up with the Browns

Had enough? Callers fed up with the Browns

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A whole lot of frustration around Cleveland after Monday's crushing loss to the Ravens. Callers into Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan hoped this is rock bottom.

"There's absolutely no way that they're gonna ever lose any worse than this," said one caller.

On Twitter, the sound off continued. Radio host Jim Rome tweeted 'if one play could sum up an entire franchise, that was it.'

@samflip81 asked the Browns to start selling a new jersey, 'I cry at night.'  Other fans acted out, tearing off jerseys and literally throwing in the towel.

"I shake my head and say they've got to make some kind of change because Browns fans are getting weary for a win," said a caller.

"These guys are 'Division C' players, maybe 'D', playing in a 'Division A' league. they can't compete," added another caller.

It sounded like even the kids are fed up.

"I scored a couple tickets yesterday and asked my 10-year-old, 'Wanna go to the game, cut off school, etc. the next day?' He said he'd rather stay home and watch Charlie Brown Christmas."

A producer at 92.3 The Fan perhaps summed it up best by saying the Browns are the best at being the worst.

"We always say the draft is our Superbowl, I think last night someone handed us the trophy," said J.G. Spooner.

A first-round pick would be a nice prize to go with that trophy. Here's hoping.

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