City opens investigation after cases of overtime abuse

City opens investigation after cases of overtime abuse

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The City of Cleveland has launched an investigation into the Division of Waste Collection following a Carl Monday investigation.

The city wants to know how waste collector Tyronza Smith was able to rack up hours of overtime on days that Carl Monday and his team caught him at home or running errands outside the city.

Michael Cox, Director of Public Works, told Monday that the entire Division of Waste Collection is now under review.

"We're investigating it, we're investigating it right now," Cox said.

Monday asked if the problem could be systemic.

"We're gonna find that out too, Mr. Monday. We'll look into the whole investigation you put out," Cox said.

Carl Monday's investigation also revealed overtime costs that have doubled to more than $1 million despite the implementation of an automated collection system.

Councilman Michael Polensek has seen an increase in complaints involving waste collection in his ward and was stunned by Monday's report.

"Somebody needs to get to the bottom of it and there needs to be accountability. And these types of individuals who don't want to work need to be removed from the city payroll," Polensek said.

Media Relations Director Daniel Williams would not go on camera, but confirmed an investigation is underway and promised the entire division will get a thorough review.

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