RTA considers minor route adjustments

RTA considers minor route adjustments
An RTA bus operator had some fun at work, with a few happy kids. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - RTA is considering minor adjustments to some bus routes, which makes some riders a little nervous.

"It cost me about twenty to thirty minutes a day one way," says Tom Campbell.

Campbell remembers RTA cuts several years ago that altered his route home to Rocky River.

"I used to take another route that was better than the 55 believe it or not. I hope my route is unaffected, but, I worry about some other routes," Campbell says.

It's a different story for another RTA passenger who takes the bus five days a week. She says her working schedule can change if her route is ever  

"I don't have to drive. I don't have to pay for parking, so it's kind of flexible," the passenger said.

An RTA spokesperson says no bus services will be cut, just possible minor adjustments to routes.

But, bus fares could increase next year, the direct result of state budget cuts.

Campbell says he hopes his now-45 minute bus ride home doesn't turn into a longer trip.

"The fare increase wouldn't bother me," Campbell says.

But time is an issue. Campbell says less time on the road means more time to do other things.

"It all adds up."

RTA officials say a decision on a possible fare increase won't happen until early next year.

Public meetings on the issue will be held in February.

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