Show me some Austin Davis!

Show me some Austin Davis!

The Browns are back in the hunt for a quarterback after Josh McCown's broken collar bone ended his season on Monday night. The team says they have two options, and that is one more than I really think they should consider. Austin Davis is the guy for me. I am not even sure why this is a conversation. The options are Davis or Johnny Football. One of them insisted he would not embarrass the team on the bye week, did, then lied about it and tried to cover it up, the other one is Austin Davis.

If Manziel is put back in the cockpit he'll essentially have been given a one-week wrist slap. How in the world does that punishment fit that crime? You cannot lie to your coach's face and get away with a one-week benching. That is absurd!

The Browns have barely any credibility as it is, they could at least appear to be strong on discipline. Sign another quarterback, keep Manziel as the third guy. Heck, make him inactive. When the off season comes, send him off for a bucket of balls. We all feel like a house cleaning is coming anyway, and if somebody not named Ray Farmer is running the draft, then Manziel won't be "his guy" anyway. If that offseason writing is already on the wall, they might as well write the preface here in December.

Davis would not be a bad guy to watch anyway. He'd have five weeks of being the number one, that's five weeks of reps and five weeks of NFL games to play. The Browns signed him to a two-year deal, so they obviously did not think he was a complete bum, the team might as well see what he's got.

Can they really go back to Manziel? Hasn't that ship sailed? Yes. And it sunk.

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