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Z Files: Where in the World is Jimmy?

Where is Jimmy? (Source: WOIO) Where is Jimmy? (Source: WOIO)

So yet another week, another divisive decision, and for me, another question: Where in the world is Jimmy Haslam?  How can he look at the product
his people are putting on the field, and I mean from the top on down, and not be embarrassed? This is a guy who rode into town on a white horse three years ago and blew us away with his passion and promises. Remember his introductory press conference? He was so fired up, he did the entire thing standing up.

Since then, slowly but surely, he's disappeared, while his football kingdom is crumbling around him. When was the last time the networks got a shot of him at a game?  I know he's there, but you never see him. And more importantly, how and why isn't he out front on this stuff concerning Johnny Manziel, a player he wanted and a guy who's about to take down his head coach? Jimmy's so invisible, he makes Randy Lerner look like a Kardashian.

There's one dynamic here that I simply don't get. Jimmy Haslam is a member of an exclusive club. He's one of only 32 members, in the world. They're all successful, they're all billionaires. And while I understand that it's mostly about money, and that Jimmy has made about $500 million in profit since he bought the Browns three years ago...half a billion!...he still must have a competitive fire, and if he does, how can he look at the Rooneys, and Bob Kraft, and Jerry Jones, and the rest of the owners, at the league meetings, and be proud of his franchise?

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