More than 1,800 speeding tickets mailed to drivers who use I-77

More than 1,800 speeding tickets mailed to drivers who use I-77
Traffic backed up on I-77NB near E. 14th. (Source: WOIO)

NEWBURGH HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Police officers in Newburgh Heights are using hand-held speed-detection cameras to put a stop to lead-footed motorists.

Officers have been standing on the Harvard bridge over I-77, capturing dozens or even hundreds of speeders' license plates in a single day. Drivers get their ticket later in the mail.

They began using the new technology in August and, so far, they have issued 1,900 citations with their new hand-held devices.

Of those 1,900 citations issued, 1,841 were from the I-77/Harvard area alone. The other 59 were from various areas throughout the village.

Officials say the hand-held devices send image and speed information to a company that maintains the city's stationary-camera system and keeps a percentage of the fines.

The new device gets around the provision in some city laws that says speed cameras are illegal because there's no officer present.

We've asked for a demonstration of how the device works and may get that look on Monday.

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