Latest mass shooting amplifies gun debate

Latest mass shooting amplifies gun debate
Demonstrators hold signs outside a local gun show. (Source: WOIO)

TALLMADGE, OH (WOIO) - The latest mass shooting has amplified the gun debate and people on both sides are passionate about the arguments for and against restricting gun laws.

Hundreds came to the area's first gun show since the mass shooting in southern California earlier this week. The show at the Summit County Fairgrounds also brought protesters, who are calling for tougher gun laws.

"I was actually curious to see how many people would show up. There was six of them. Nobody wants gun control," said Sean McDonagh.

While there were more than six, the demonstrators who did show up knew they would be outnumbered. They say they showed up to call for changes they
think are necessary in gun laws across the country.

"It's going to take an awful lot of these protests in front of gun stores and gun shows, and it's going to take holding politicians accountable," said Robert Grow.

Grow, the organizer of Saturday's protest, is a chaplain who has dealt with half a dozen families, who have lost a child to gun violence.

"I'm so frustrated with these anti-gunners. More gun laws wouldn't have stopped the tragedy out in California," said Jerry McDonald.

While investigators try to determine where the arsenal that belonged to the couple who was responsible for the California shooting came from, the debate over guns and gun laws is going strong.

"I think we need more federal action, but state is a place to start," said Ralph Hunt.

"The dealers are doing background checks, but private sales are not doing background checks, as far as I know," said Janis Oakley, a demonstrator.

"There are universal background checks. Private sales don't matter. I can sell you what I want in my driveway. This is America. The gun show has nothing to do with it. How would you even regulate that? It's impossible," said McDonagh.

While both sides continue to make their argument, what has been impossible is coming up with a way to stop gun violence in America.

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