Mother jailed for helping son, convicted child rapist

Mother jailed for helping son, convicted child rapist

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - William Waters is a convicted child rapist who is spending the rest of his life in prison.

His mother, Cheryl Waters, admitted that when police were looking for her son, she knew where he was and didn't tell them.

It made a tragic event even more tragic for William Waters' young victims.

Their mother told Judge Michael Corrigan, "When he was on the run, and she was assisting him to be free, they were having nightmares. We were thinking and daydreaming about him being out back."

Cheryl Waters apologized and through her attorney Jerome Emoff basically claimed that she was a victim, too.

"Her son has been convicted of heinous crimes, he's been sentenced to a lifetime in prison, she has to live with that," Emoff said.

There is a lesson in the story of William Waters and his mother. Police in Westlake have a decades-long history of her interfering with their efforts
regarding him. Had they been able to intervene in other situations, the child abuse might never have happened.

"I've been picking up after my son for most of his life. It's become a huge chore for me. In this case I went too far and I acknowledge that fact," Cheryl Waters said.

Prosecutor Hollie Welsh said Waters' son wanted his mother to go farther, writing her a coded letter from jail.

"It essentially was making arrangements for his mother to help him break out of jail and to evade authorities and harm people involved in this case," Welsh said.

Judge Corrigan fined Waters $5,000 and sent her to jail where she will stay until Dec. 26.

"May I ask that the court reconsider the release date so that she can spend Christmas with her family?" Emoff asked.

"No. She's going to spend Christmas in jail. Good luck," Judge Corrigan replied. 
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