VIDEO: Mike Pettine talks about tension in the building

Pettine on tension in building

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine wrapped his Monday press conference by answering the question if there is tension within the building.

"When you have the record that we have, if there is not tension in the building, there is a problem. That is what losing does to you. When you are paid to be successful, when you are paid to win in a bottom line business and we are not, of course, there is going to be tension. When you have passionate, competitive people that want to get it done right and it is not, there's going to be, and it is part of it. We have to make sure that we stay very clear headed with it. Like I said before, it goes back to an accurate assessment of what our problems are. I said it yesterday, if you have a problem with your heart, you don't perform a lobotomy. We have to make sure we identify what the exact problems are and get them fixed," Pettine said on Monday.

The Browns have now lost seven games in a row and 15 of their last 17.

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